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Mercedes A Class W176 3rd generation – (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

When Mercedes first launched the A-Class it offered the less affluent buyers a chance to get a taste of the premium segment. Judging by the current offer in the premium segment Mercedes product people were right. The first two generations of the A-Class may not have been the most exciting cars on the market, but the new car seems different. Is it worth the star on its bonnet?

↔ Mercedes-Benz A Class dimensions:
✔ length: 4292 mm
✔ width: 1780 mm
✔ height: 1433 mm
✔ wheelbase: 2699 mm
✔ boot/trunk: 341 liters

💲 Mercedes-Benz A Class price: 8000 - 60 000 euro (AMG)

🔧 Mercedes-Benz A Class problems:
front airbags
brake pressure hose (risk of losig power brakes)
water getting into the trunk via deaerator
A 200 d, A 220 CDI and A 220 d - timing chain stretch
Diesl engines: clogged DPF, issues with injectors
7G-DCT – rehaul may be needed

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