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Why PERTH Is The Worst City In The World

About Short Film Showcase:
The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by local filmmaker in the most ambitious self-funding project to date. The objective is to deliver a high-end filmmaking production with aerial cinematography with stunning resolution and image quality on the global scales.

inquiries; https://www.daozit.com/

Recorded throughout 2018, the film focuses on our contrast landscape of Western Australia (WA) in the first ever 6K resolution using Apple's latest ProRes RAW codec via Zenmuse Super 35mm APS-C X7 Lens. From its towering sky-scrappers to its vast outback, WA offers plentiful choices throughout the year for you to discover.

▶ProRes RAW
With Apple ProRes at hand, it enables me to create an unimaginable workflow while providing maximum flexibility of RAW with incredible 1:1 6K playback performance.

Admittedly, this wouldn't otherwise be possible had I stuck with traditional DNG's format. While ProRes has it's limitation when comparing to CinemaDNG (such control on metadata in post). It could easily overcome as ProRes RAW offers flexible workflow and often more meaningful manageable file-sizes. Combined with Final Cut Pro X editing Software, the possibility is limitless. Using my 3 years old MacBook Pro, I was able to render the final production at lightning speed while retaining its highest quality and details when choosing ProRes RAW HQ

please note:
▶NO denoiser, stabilising effect or sharpening added.
▶VFX "flow" added during 0:56
▶all flights taken are strictly followed by CASA's strict aviation guideline.
any queries with flight compliances, please contact for clarification.

Thanks to Windward Balloon Adventures for unforgettable campaign around WA.

▶Perth, Avon Valley, Dunsborough, Yallingup

▶ Lens: DLS Super 35mm APS-C
▶Original Codec : ProRes RAW HQ
▶Frame size : 6016 x 3200
▶Colour : 14 bit + RGB
▶FPS: 23.976


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This video is subject to copyright owned by Daozit.com. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video is expressly prohibited, unless Daozit has explicitly granted its prior written consent. All other rights reserved.

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