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Global ARMY Song for BTS - "We'll Be Fine" by Gracie Ranan ft. ARMY (2018 MV)

β€œWe’ll Be Fine”

Happy Birthday to my Family πŸ’œπŸŒŒ
I can’t believe its been 5 years since our journey with BTS started, I wanna thank you guys for all the tears and smiles we shared. I hope with this song, you will always remember that no matter how hard the desert in front of us may be, with you and me, and with our boys, we can overcome just about anything. I truly hope to see you guys holding my hand in the next 10, 20 years with BTS
I love you guys, I truly do

This is for us

Always remember
Whether it be Desert or it be Sea, let’s accept it, because it is a part of us. - Gracie πŸ’•
Credits & Contributions:

🌌 An Original Work and Composition by: Gracie Ranan
🌌 Twitter: @dailyhoping
🌌 SoundCloud: dailyhoping
For Business Inquiries Email: @[email protected]

Production and Arrangement: Astra King (@AstraKing97)

String Instrumental: Astra King (@AstraKing97)
Piano Instrumental: Astra King (@AstraKing97)
and @haejoobuns
Guitar Instrumental: Gracie Ranan

Project Created and Lead by: Gracie Ranan
Project Assistant Lead: Segen Zeray (@withour7wings)

Admin Team:
Lead by: Gracie
Segen (Organization & Communication)
Cindy (Promotion)

Visual/Video Editing Team:
Leads: Gracie, Stella (@btstella9792), Astra

[email protected]_Cindy (Malay) Malaysia
[email protected]_lotus0und (Japanese) Japan
[email protected] (Czech) Czech Republic
[email protected] (Tagalog) Philippines
[email protected] (Polish) Poland
[email protected] (English) United States
Julsmein (Italian) Italy
[email protected] (English)
[email protected]___ (French) France
[email protected] (Spanish) Argentina
[email protected] (German) Germany
[email protected] (Turkish) Turkey
[email protected]_peach (Urdu) Pakistan
[email protected] (Traditional Chinese) Taiwan
[email protected] (Bahasa) Indonesia
[email protected]_SeungHyunnie (Vietnamese) Vietnam
[email protected] (Arab) Morocco
[email protected] (English) United States
[email protected] (Korean) Korea

Kooklina @Strayarmy: Chinese
@LiesSpring: Swedish
Minnie (@crz_minnie): Spanish
Stella (@btstella9792): Vietnam
Adele (@YaBoiAdele): Norwegian
Fiza (@fizashahfiz): Malay
Suci Adinda (@SuciAdinda14): Indonesia
@taeflfldks: Arab
Gloria (@Gloriaa___): French
Carolina (@mintaecoco): Hebrew
@knksjmyjhpjktjj: Hindi (India)
@iratze101: Urdu (Pakistan)
Natalia (@NowakNowak99) and Setsu (@setsune_): Poland
Lotus (@_lotus0und): Japan
아미살룬(@BTSARMYSalon): Korean
(@Jinhhass_twt): Korean

Promotional Poster by Abru Destefanis

Official Album Art by Emma (@EmmaGFXC)

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