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Best Cosplayer gets hugest attention japan & crazy man threatens to burn SqareEnix?.articleview

studios,Also Nintendo japanese fans want isabelle to be tour guide link to all 3 articles i discussed:https://nextshark.com/japan-cosplayer-enako-comiket/


Link to sad video news i said when i talked about the bitch that fucking put her dog in a dryer!:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=woman+puts+dog+into+a+dryer+on+instagram
Long story short friends.I think it was pretty kick ass awesome epic AF and lit as hell to see a cute ass anime cosplayer to get a shitload of attention the way she did at this Japanese 4 day convention called Comiket place along with getting almost 160k likes and 35 thousand tweets that chick is definitely on top of the world with that much social media platform attention!=O Thats why i follow sexy beautiful cosplay girls like that either on twitter or the instagram platform half the time.Second news is pretty depressing as heck since another really bad death threats to burn square enix videogame studios in japan down to the ground glad they caught that asshole for trying to murder those hard working ppl at their videogame devs =/ Last bit of news was about to how japanese fans want to Animal Crossing Isabelle to be a sightseer tour guide for nintendo world out in japan would be fun but i like the other 5 ideas better!(mainly undertales Toriel and Daisy from the mario series!) So that pretty much wraps up the video!!!Peace out once again ladies and gentlemen,bros women,fanboys and fan girls and of course as always otaku's and hikikomori's out there!I will see you when I see you!You guys have a good day or good night wherever your at in the universe out there.Dont drink and smoke weed at the same time or don't do anything reckless!Take it easy.Peace out I'm out like sauerkraut lates and goodbye and I'll see you on the flipside!!!http://Facebookcom/[email protected]







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