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Salvation - Ann Clue

FS 028

After causing countless jaw-dropping moments with her last "Trip EP" Ann Clue's new EP is finally about to hit the stores worldwide. And as the cover already implies Ann shines again with her multifaceted musical skills.

"Salvation" - the title track - turns out to be a beautiful entry point to Ann's three-piece EP. The dark and melancholic atmosphere with hypnotizing pad sounds combined with a forward pressing percussion arrangement offers the listener a tunnel vision that will lead into a total loss of time.

Not just since her mindblowing track "Calling It" had been released on Ann's last EP, she clearly seems to have acquired a taste for blowing Techno lover's socks off. "Mr. Pink" is a mean and ruthless Techno banger that will take the dancefloors around the globe by storm. Take a pinch of "Warehouse", a huge spoon of "Old-school Techno", tons of "Acid" and a hell of a lot more and Ann's next bomb is ready to be served.

RELEASE DATE: 03.05.2019
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