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【MMD - Tutorial】It's Been So Long - [+DLs in description]

.:: It's Been So Long ::.


Hey guys,

CrackerBarrel1000 finally here with the tutorial on how to use my motion for "It's Been so Long" by the livingtombstone

It's kind of complicated, but at the same time, not really...

Try to follow along as best you can and I'll do my best to answer any questions that you all may have related to this motion.

First, you're going to want to open up PMX editor the English version which I have zipped up and put in the description for you to use the same one that I have (just to make things easier on everyone). Once you've loaded up your model, make sure that English is selected on each tab that you see me go in to here so that you'll have no problem reading each of the bones for the later part of this tutorial. Then go into Edit - down to Plugins at the bottom - System - and then there should be something called "IK Maker (X)". Click on that and it should open up this window. We won't mess with the "Ik shoulder and wrist" check boxes, but you will want to check those for the Chica and Marrionett Models.

Great! Now you have the IK bones for the motion! But we're not done yet. I decided to be a complicated person and change up the parent bone for them. Go to your model and select the main bone used for moving your model around but not her feet. The bone should be highlighted in the tab and be sure to remember the number for that bone. For me, it was 1. Now go to IKarm L and R and change their parent bone to 1.

There, now you're done with that!

That wasn't so hard, was it? xP

Good, because we're still not done.

I've put a link in the description for the version of MMD that you'll need, so make sure you have that before you open up the program and put in your models. Go to frame 4709, where you'll see her arm is in... Not the right place. It's really easy to fix, don't worry!

On that frame, go down to Model Manipulation where you would load the models and click "OP". Don't worry about the stuff that I've scribbled out, that's already taken care of for you. Under "Subject Bone" you're going to want to select "armIK_L". The "Target Model" should just be whatever you've named your model, and the "Target Bone" won't be the same as mine, but you'll want to put it as the name of the bone targetting the characters head. To find the name of that bone, just click the bone of your model and it'll tell you beside the name of your model in the top left corner of the preview screen. Mine reads "Null_18". Once you've got all of that done, click "OP register" and then you'll be done and can exit out of that window.

You'll have to do the same for Golden Freddy on both arms, attaching them to the upper back bone (but if you don't have an upper back bone, attach them to the lower back or just back bone.

So now, you'll be able to use this motion properly! Yaay~

Hopefully this helps you to use this motion to create beautiful videos. ^^ I can't wait to see what you all do with it! Have fun and take care!


.:: L I N K S ::.


||| ENGLISH PMX EDITOR ||| [This is a RAR file, hopefully you all have something to uninstall RARs such as WinRAR ;v;]

ALSO! GUYS! When you download PMX editor, before you extract it, right click the folder and go into properties and then click "unblock" at the bottom. Then extract it. I completely forgot about that! Thanks to xEmmaUchiha for figuring that out!

||| MOTION |||


.:: E X T R A - T U T O R I A L S ::.




If you have a question, please leave a comment below asking something that wasn't included in the video OR wasn't clear enough and I'll post a tutorial for that on my DeviantArt. c:

Peace off!!

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