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MY FIRST CAR - "Story Time with Nick" feat. ShayCarl

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This Maker Studios Production is brought to you by:

Creator: Nick Rutherford (http://twitter.com/nickrutherford) & Dan Flesher (http://twitter.com/danflesheredits)

Co-Created by Sami Kriegstein http://twitter.com/samifayebaker

Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer http://www.twitter.com/mickey_meyer

Editing / Animation: Dan Flesher http://twitter.com/danflesheredits

The Master of Puppets: Bobby Howard


Nick Rutherford http://www.youtube.com/nick
ShayCarl http://www.youtube.com/shaycarl
Sami Kriegstein http://twitter.com/samifayebaker
Kyle Mooney http://www.youtube.com/kyle
Beck Bennett: http://www.youtube.com/beckbennett

Produced By:

Neely Shamam http://www.twitter.com/holleratshamam
Tarika Khan http://www.twitter.com/thatgirltarika
Sami Kriegstein http://twitter.com/samifayebaker


Eric Thompson http://www.youtube.com/mrcruelhandluke
Arthur Hong http://www.twitter.com/arthurphd
Jon Na http://www.twitter.com/jonnana
Nick Rutherford http://www.twitter.com/nickrutherford

Assistant Editors:

Eduardo Garcia
Tremain Hayhoe http://www.youtube.com/hayhoestudios

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