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Plane Spotting @ Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) Ep. 5

Hey guys! In this video, I'm out at BWI once again doing some spotting up at the observation tower. As this was shot in early March, you will definitely notice some planes taxiing or sitting at the gates that aren't around today including WOW air and 737MAX jets. This was shot on a Saturday during the 3pm-6pm timeframe so got to see some International arrivals as well as plenty of domestic and especially Southwest birds as they have a hub in Baltimore. Full list below of aircraft/airlines in this video. Hope you guys enjoy!

#BWI #PlaneSpotting

Airport: Baltimore-Washington (Thurgood Marshall) International Airport
Filmed: March 2019

Aircraft in this video:

Southwest Airlines B737-700
Southwest Airlines B737-800
Southwest Airlines B737MAX8
Southwest Airlines B737-700 Florida One
American Eagle ERJ-145
American Airlines A319
American Airlines A320
American Airlines B737-800
United Airlines B737-900
United Airlines A320
Delta Air Lines A319
Delta Air Lines A320
Delta Air Lines MD88
Delta Air Lines B737-800
WOW air A321
Alaska Airlines B737-900
Air Canada Express E175
British Airways B787-8

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