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When a crime occurs, police immediately set out to solve it and catch those responsible. Some cases get solved right away, others can take weeks or even years. Then there are those cases that go decades without being solved, but through a stroke of luck and a little digging authorities are finally able to solve them. These are the 5 Cold Cases Solved Decades Later.

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5. Tracy Gilpin – (31-32 Years)

On the night of October 1, 1986, 15 year old Tracy Gilpin of Kingston, Massachusetts headed to a party nearby her house. By 10:30 PM, her and her friends decided to leave, Her friends walked with her until they reached their own houses. Shortly after dropping them off, Tracy went inside a convenience store and bought a pack of cigarettes. The clerk remembered her and said she called someone on the payphone while there, she had called the owner of the house that threw the party. She asked her if she could pick her up at the convenience store and drive her home because she didn’t want to walk alone.

4. Death of Richard Phillips & Milton Curtis (40+ years)

On January 22, 1957, El Segundo, California police officers, Richard Phillips and Milton Curtis, stopped a vehicle after it ran a red light. Once outside the car, without warning, the perpetrator pulled out a gun and shot both officers three times before fleeing the scene. Officer Phillips fired three shots into the vehicle and radioed for help before losing consciousness. Officer Curtis was pronounced dead on the scene.

3. Murder of Maria Ridulph (55 Years)

Snow had begun to fall on the evening of December 3, 1957. Seven-year-old Maria Ridulph begged her mom to let her go out and play with her bestfriend and neighbor, Kathy Sigman. It was dark out, but the two went out on the street and played a game called “duck the cars.” Kathy would later tell police that it was then that they were approached by a young man named, “Johnny.” He said he was 24, unmarried and asked if they liked dolls, then He inquired to see if the girls liked piggyback rides. Maria accepted and after Johnny gave her a ride, she went inside their house to grab a doll she wanted to show him. When she came back, Kathy went to her house to get mittens but when she came back out, Maria and Johnny were gone.

2. Diane Jackson (34-35 Years)

Diane Jackson was a 25-year old single mother from Houston, Texas who left for work on the day of December 14, 1969. She pulled up her car intp the company parking lot, but she never made it into the office.

Later that day, a man named William Bell, saw another man walking away from a shack located near the office building. Curious, he decided to look inside the shack and when he peeked in found the dead body of Diane Maxwell. During the investigation, police discovered the woman had been raped, strangled and then brutally stabbed to death.

1. Jacob Wetterling (27 Years)

On Sunday, October 22, 1989 Eleven-year-old, Jacob Wetterling, his brother, Aaron and another friend, Aaron Larson, were riding their bikes on the way home from a convenience store in St. Joseph, Pennsylvania.

Right before reaching home, a man with a stocking cap mask and an unloaded revolver jumped from a driveway and ordered the boys to throw their bikes in a ditch and lie with their faces on the ground. The man asked the boys for their ages.

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