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Very Satisfying Video Compilation 81 Kinetic Sand Cutting ASMR

Over 10 minutes of Satisfying Video Colorful Kinetic Sand Smooshing, Crunchy Cutting on Sandpaper, Melon Baller Scooping, Mad Mattr Smooth Slicing and more! This Satisfying Compilation 81 will help you completely relax and even fall asleep. If you like oddly satisfying and relaxing sand videos then you will like these. It would be amazing if you could LIKE, Share and SUBSCRIBE to my Channel :-)

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What is Kinetic Sand?

Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% magic, so you can pull it, shape it and mold it, to create incredible sand art. Kinetic Sand sticks to itself and not to you, so it can be easily cleaned up and stored. It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through fingers just like real sand and leaves them completely dry, but when pressed together, it sticks to itself and keeps its shape!

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What is Mad Mattr?

This super-soft building compound easily molds and shapes into endless creations, inspiring open-ended play. Mad Mattr molds and sculpts into any shape you like, with a texture that is incredibly smooth to the touch. You have to try it! Available in 6 vibrant colors – red, pink, purple, blue, green, teal – this futuristic dough can be mixed together to create and build even more Mad Mattr fun. Its unique, non-toxic formula is wheat, gluten, and casein free.

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