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Family BEACH routine - Adley and Dad build a Princess Sand Castle in Hawaii

we also catch bugs, explore an abandoned cave, and tour our new beach house!! i love this place!

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Best Beach Routine Day Ever 959

Today’s Best Day Ever picks up right where the last vlog left off, us traveling to our secret vacation! Our plane rides are a little long, but Adley is determined to have a good time. She has a three crayon challenge with mom, does tumbling gymnastics in her seat and then the whole family lays on me to take a nap!

We finally land, get out luggage and head to our new house here in beautiful Hawaii!! We get to our Air B&B and do a house tour, we even have the idea to play hide n seek. But first things first, now that we're here, the future surf pro Adley wants to go swimming. In the backyard is our own private swimming pool, almost like our skatepark. We have some family fun together, pretend playing mermaid Adley and doing cool baby pool tricks.

We jump to 5 am the next morning, (our sleep schedules are way off) where Adley and I do our morning breakfast routine of eating cereal together. We then head outside to do some bug hunting. Adley loves bugs, almost every bug she sees she wants to catch! We find a lizard and almost catch him, but he’s super fast, basically a speed test for our hands! Jenny wakes up and we head down to explore the beach!

After some lunch and relaxing, we head down to the beach again, but this time with toys to build the ultimate sandcastles. While we find the perfect spot on the beach, Adley and I discover an abandoned cave, with vines growing over the entrance. We have to explore to see if their are any secret safes inside. We then build a sandcastle version of the Spacestation 2.0, but with a mote, play in the ocean, and being buried in sand.

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