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Challenging the prompt | A+ essays | Think outside the box | Lisa Tran

⇩⇩⇩ Learn more about the YES NO BUT RULE (no, not BUTTS)! LET'S GET THIS VIDEO TO 50 LIKES!

Quick disclaimer: The YES NO BUT formula is exceptional to help broaden your mindset when tackling a prompt, but doesn't guarantee you an on-the-spot A+ (obviously ideas, expression, grammar etc. all help with that!). However, it is definitely a step forward in the right direction :)

Furthermore, the plan I created for Medea is NOT foolproof. What this means is that essays require heaps of other important components necessary to make them amazing. For example, I did not include any minor characters in response to this essay because for this video I wanted to simply focus on getting the message of the YES NO BUT formula across, however in reality, my essay would be more complex in ideas with referencing to minor characters and other different elements. But all these extra things will shared with you in another video at another time :) THUMBS UP to let me know you're keen to learn more about A+ essay writing!

To download the YES NO BUT Medea essay plan I created for this video:

[UPDATE] Some of the resources in this video may no longer be available. I'd recommend you have a look at the resources below for newer editions :)

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