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1 रुपये नोट लखपति | कौनसा 1 नोट बना सकता है मालामाल ? 1 Rupees Old Note Value CoinMan

1 rs Note
1 रुपया पुराने भारतीय नोट वैल्यू लाख़? करोड़? सत्य का पता चला

1 Rs India old Note Value ?LAKHS ? CRORES ? Truth Revealed . Official News Adiman
Hello friends , This video is about 1 rupee bank note of India , In this video we explain you about 3 Rare Indian 1 rupee notes and their current approx prices , please see this is a market and prices keep changing due to demand and supply . I saw a video and comments about 1995 1 rupee note which is actually a fake note , date is altered and changed to 1995 so I thought to make a video to show the 3 rare notes of Republic India , Apart from these 3 notes all other 1 rupee have less value . this does not apply to Fancy Number notes or error notes or notes having 786 and hoky numbers like that .
I hope you enjoy this video and share it with your friends and family , such small information are really useful and can save money and make many earn money from their old collection .

1964 1 rupee note S.Bhootlingam is rarest one rupee note with high value , second is 1949 K R K menon one rupee note and 3rd is 1957 L K Jha 1 rs note with B inset and Y prefix , but beware too many forgeries out there so be careful before buying .
1995,1996,1997 all notes are fake .
Also as an add on in this video we show you 2015 and 2016 one rupee notes signed by Rajiv Mehrishi and Ratan vatal .Also note that 1 rupee notes are not made by Reserve bank of India but Government of India , Very few people know about it .

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