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The Untold Truth Of Always Be My Maybe

The Netflix romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe is not only hilarious, but it has an original and fresh new take on the romcom genre. It stars comedian Ali Wong and Randall Park as childhood friends Sasha and Marcus.

The two have not been in touch for a long time, since their brief teenage fling ended badly. As you'd expect from a romcom, they rekindle their romance but have to face obstacles to maintain their newfound connection.

Besides starring action star Keanu Reeves, what else is there to know about this hilarious movie? You won’t be disappointed with Always Be My Maybe and here are some more details to get you caught up.

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Wong and Park are real-life buds | 0:00
When Marcus Met Sasha | 1:08
Boomerang was an empowering inspiration | 2:05
Representation matters | 2:54
The film bucks stereotypes | 3:51
Why is Marcus' band named Hello Peril? | 4:57
Daniel Dae Kim was excited to be a jerk | 5:54
Authenticity was important to the director | 6:56
They hired a food consultant | 7:53
A touch of Park's personal life | 9:06
That Keanu Reeves cameo... | 9:53

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