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Kryon - "The Wall of Belief" - 2019

This live channelling was given in Columbus Ohio, May 4 2019.

The first step is meditation and realization of inclusion and the approach of the wall of belief. When you go through the metaphoric wall of belief, you cognize what you are doing and the connection and communication begins. There are so many who don’t understand that. When you are beyond the wall of belief, you realize you’re connected and that changes everything. You have total and complete peace that passes understanding. The Human brain is programmed to worry, as it’s part of the survival program. That is conquerable when you go through the wall of belief. Kryon then describes consciousness homeopathy. The final thing you have is the wisdom of compassion. Compassion for yourself, the situation, the unlovable. Wise compassion, like the compassion of the masters. Beyond the wall, Kryon calls it enhanced consciousness, which gives awareness, knowingness, peace, health, and wisdom of compassion.

00:00 - Amber Wolf
02:14 - Kryon

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Special thanks goes to Monika Muranyi for producing informative descriptions. ❤️

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