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[S01E01] The Nürburgring Story Behind: Dale Lomas (+ Answering Most Nürburgring FAQ's)

[S01E01] What happens if you crash at the Nordschleife? Can anybody drive the Nürburgring? Are you insured?
In this first episode of "The Story Behind", Dale Lomas will tell his story about the Nürburgring Nordschleife.
Plus he will answer 95% of the most frequently asked questions!

Timestamps for Dale's questions:

0:46 Who, What Were? (introduction)
1:16 What is it about the Nürburgring that makes it so special?
2:00 Why do people call it "the most dangerous" racetrack in the world?
3:04 How many laps does it take to learn the Nordschleife?
3:56 What is "Touristenfahrten"?
4:53 Are there specific rules during Tourist Drives?
6:03 What if you have an accident, does insurance cover damage?
7:30 How much can it cost to recover your car and fix the barriers?
8:36 Tell us about your crash(es)!
9:37 What is "VLN"?
12:12 Are the cars in VLN divided into several different classes?
14:18 What's it like driving with fast and slow cars together on the same track?
15:11 If a crash happens at VLN, is the team required to pay for damages?
15:48 Are you currently active in racing?
16:36 The most amazing thing that happened to me at the Nürburgring is:
19:19 How did you become a Nürburgring Taxi Driver?
23:24 Is there anything you haven't driven, yet dream about driving in the future?

And as always, thank you very much for watching!

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