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How to Pronounce unpardonably with Meaning, Phonetic, Synonyms and Sentence Examples

This video shows pronunciation of unpardonably in a sentence, unpardonably meaning, unpardonably definition, unpardonably phonetic, unpardonably synonym and unpardonably example

unpardonably Definition/Meaning : in an unpardonable manner or to an unpardonable degree
unpardonably Phonetic : [unpardonably]
unpardonably Examples :
There is also one instance of unpardonably atrocious editing.
For fear of being thought unpardonably stupid, the multitudes enthusiastically applauded his public modelling of his invisible clothes.
With the exception of the unpardonably boring Navarone, these are movies I loved when I was nine and will probably still love if I ever hit 90.

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