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ASDC14 Grand Finals : Regrets the Emphasis on Miracles in the Spread of Religion

Asian Schools Debate Championships 2014: Open Grand Finals

Theme: Religion
Song: REM - Losing My Religion
Info Video: Singapore Pastor Charged in S$19m Fraud Case

Gov: Hwa Chong Institution 1 (Government)
PM + R: Timothy Ethan Lee
DPM: Bryan Yan
GW: Gabriel Tan

Opp: SMK Damansara Jaya 2 (Malaysia)
LO: Eliza Chow
DLO + R: Evan Wong
OW: Deborah Wong Kai Wai

- Mubarrat Wassey (Chair)
- Valeri Inting
- Logandran Balavijendran
- Paolo Rafael Franco
- Leomar Doctolero Jr.
- Brett J. Frazer
- Boby Andika Ruitang
- Moustafa Elbadwihi
- Behrad Taadoli

- This House regrets the emphasis on miracles in the spread of religion.

- This House believes that the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) movement should fund the creation of genderqueer interpretations of existing religious doctrine.

- This House believes that megachurches do more harm than good.

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