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Top 20 Youtube Intro Templates in PowerPoint - Free Animated Templates

All these Top 20 Youtube Intro Templates have been created in PowerPoint without using any third-party utilities. I did my best to re-animate all the animation sequences. These templates are inspired from +Velosofy, +TopFreeTemplates, +Cozy Plus, +ComputerHeadGFX, +vellongamer, +officialfunnycream and +adMJ707.

🌟 Top 20 YouTube Intro Templates created in PowerPoint:
(Previews and Download Links)

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📝 How to Edit Templates?
From the Home Tab click Select drop-down menu and then click Selection Pane. Then you will see the list of all the objects that have been used in that particular presentation. You can click the Eye button to show or hide particular objects. You can also click on the object name in the Selection Name to directly select a particular object even if it is behind the other objects. You can then easily change all the properties of an object as required.

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🌻 Microsoft PowerPoint Animation - YouTube Intro Templates By The Teacher

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