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ARCHITRAVAL - The definitive pronunciation guide for Architraval in 2023

The term 'architraval' refers to something that pertains to an architrave, which is the lower part of an entablature in classical architecture.
It is typically a horizontal beam or a lintel that rests on top of columns or pilasters.
The architrave serves as a decorative and structural element that supports the weight of the structure above it.
The architrave can be seen in various ancient Greek and Roman buildings, and it continues to be used in architectural designs today.

To pronounce 'architraval', you can say 'ahr-kih-truh-vuhl'.
Another variant pronunciation can be 'ahr-kih-tray-vuhl'.

Test yourself by speaking the following examples:
1. The architrave of the ancient temple was intricately carved
2. The architect decided to use an architrave to add a classical touch to the building design
3. The architrave acts as a support for the structure above it
4. The ornate architrave adds elegance to the overall appearance of the building
5. The architrave is an essential element in classical Greek and Roman architecture

Last updated: September, 2023

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