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THRIFT LOOKBOOK 2016: 4 Thrifted Pieces, 4 Outfits

outfits feat. some amazing thrifted pieces ! yas c:

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A couple weeks ago, I uploaded a haul of clothes I got from Savers. I absolutely love thrifting! I decided to film a lookbook of 4 outfits with the 4 pieces I got from Savers. I hope you enjoy the video:)

tights- american apparel (http://bit.ly/1D6skF0)
boots- forever 21, couldn't find original ones (http://bit.ly/1Tc66Li)

jeans- h&m (http://bit.ly/20ZY2MA)
jacket- boohoo (http://bit.ly/1QC21cF)
shoes- forever 21 (http://bit.ly/1WOnKCP)

dress- boohoo, couldn't find original, here is a different one (http://bit.ly/1n1TsAi)
shoes- target, couldn't find original ones (http://bit.ly/1RtnXd7)

pants- forever 21 (http://bit.ly/1QiqVCf)
shoes- forever 21 (http://bit.ly/20ZYhr4)

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TRY ON THRIFT HAUL 2016 ♡ $25 AT SAVERS (http://bit.ly/1KsgTOn)

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Hey :) My name is Audrey. I am studying to get my bachelors degree in Psychology and will be graduating very soon! I love makeup, fashion, food, my kitties, old movies, exploring/traveling, and going for walks. On my channel you will find videos related to beauty, fashion, and life in general- so make sure to subscribe and join the lil fam !

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