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8 Essential Tips To Workouts With Intermittent Fasting

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What's going on, guys? Thomas Delauer here with another video on intermittent fasting. You guys have been shooting us tons of questions revolving around training and intermittent fasting - things like when to train, how to break the fast, training fasted, and other great questions on what to do when you're fasting.

So, today I'm going break down all your questions and drop some science knowledge on you to have you better versed on just how to approach working out if you have been intermittent fasting.

Fasting Tip #1 - 0:26 - Train IN Your Fasting Window: It all comes down to what's known as your "sympathetic nervous system" that controls your fight-or-flight responses. Since you are technically starving yourself during your fasting window, you already are within the fight-or-flight response sympathetic nervous system.

Fasting Tip #2 -0:54 - HIIT Training During Fasting Window = Burning Fat: Since you have triggered your body to be in your SNS (sympathetic nervous system) due to fasting, HIIT or high-intensity interval training styles will help to better mobilize and burn off excess fat cells from the body much more efficiently.

Fasting Tip #3 - 1:14 - Triggering Human Growth Hormone Production: Human growth hormone plus fatty acid oxidation plus your SNS will help better grow and promote changes within your muscles while helping to take off the stubborn fat.

Fasting Tip #4 - 1:32 - Cyclic AMP: When your body is increasing its production of epinephrine, Cyclic AMP works as a messenger to get that into the cells. And when fasting, this messenger works even more efficiently.

Fasting Tip #5 - 1:59 - AMP Kinase: This helps to regulate and disperse energy throughout your cells. This is important for a state of equilibrium for more efficient fat burning.

Fasting Tip #6 - 2:23 - Cardio VS. Weight-Training During Fasting Window: Cardio becomes MUCH more effective while in your fasted state. Since you are at lower base levels of insulin while fasting, you can control the fat burning process much more efficiently while in your fasted state as well.

So, do your cardio as deep into your fasted window as you possibly can.

Fasting Tip #7 - 4:09 - Weight Training During Fasted Window: Since you've been able to have a boost in your HGH (human growth hormone) due to being in a fasted state, this makes any workout more effective, including weight training. Along with proper nutrition and supplementation being taken.

When you train and are feeling that "burn" sensation while lifting weights, that's the build up of lactic acid. And since lactic acid is another trigger for HGH, this is only going to boost and help your efforts to build strong, lean muscle.

Fasting Tip #8 - 6:06 - Timing Your Workouts: You can do your workout towards the end of your fasting window, but what has also been found is that training earlier or in the middle of the window is just as efficient for achieving the results you're looking for.

This is because being within your SNS will last for hours throughout your fast, and even after training. So, mess around with the timing and see what you feel works the best when it comes to how you're feeling throughout the rest of your day and your energy levels.

There you have it, guys - 8 new fasting tips for your workouts that you ABSOLUTELY should understand and implement when doing your intermittent fasting.

What other questions are you concerned with when it comes to fasting? Unsure of what kind of workouts you should be doing? What else are you still struggling with when it comes to losing belly fat and getting six pack abs? Let us know in the comments below what's going on.

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