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I Just Feel Sad ♡ Follow Me Day 175

Talking about feelings, goals and opening p.o.box mail!
YESTERDAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeALwl6usDE
Latest Beauty Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP1ieDuqUSM

Thank you for the letters! You are all so special to me :)
Joy from Scotland (thanks for the super cute ring! Lewie is an italian greyhound and zeus is poodle, bichon, chihuahua! lol)
Paige from PN
Claire from Wgtn (CUTE puppy paper lol)
Christina from NSW
Caitlin & Pheobe
Erin from Auckland
Joanna from Scotland
Chloe from NZ
Heather from FL
Patrick from UK
Maddie from NSW (kisses! xx)
Rauwinia (Sorry, your package was torn!! Love your letter and your daughter is adorable)
Libby from NP
Ruby from PN
Danielle from CHCH (love your letter thank you)
Abbie from TX (I carried on bc i found it so fun! do it for the right reasons, have fun with it, expect nothing, do it for the joy. oh and try a setting spray!)
Romee (LOVE your drawings)
Jemma from Foxton
Julia from Austria (your handwriting makes me jealous)
Chelsea from Aus
Natasha from Midlands
Beth from Aus
Megan (love your notes and pics!)
Keryn from Southland
Danielle from AUK (cutest stickers ever)
Jenay from WLGTN
Matilda from AUS (i died at your cute drawings and ur sfx is awesome!! love it)
Kayla from AL
Ines from Sweden (puppies say thanks hehe)
Szonia from Hungary (such a cute drawing!)
Ralston (your dog is so adorable! all the best xoxo)
Melissa from BOP (i would adopt/rescue an ex racing greyhound!!)

every single message brought a smile to my face :) thank u xoxoxox
PS i still have more mail to open haha

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