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Contracts & Invoices for Freelance Artists & Illustrators

Practical Freelancing Part II: USING CONTRACTS AND INVOICES!

Hi guys! This video is the second in a two part series covering some of the practical aspects of freelance illustration, including:
Finding work, using contracts and getting paid!

We’ve already covered ways of finding clients in the last video, so here it is in case you missed it: http://bit.ly/1P8Nt7W

PART 1: Contracts
- Scope of the work (How many illustrations? What size, what subject, what level of detail?)
- Rights to the work (How will the client be using the illustration? How long can they use it for? Who owns the copyright?)
- Payment (How much will this cost? When will the client pay you? How will they pay you? Will you require a deposit?) (I definitely recommend that you do)
- Project schedule/delivery date (When will the project start? When will the drafts be delivered? When do you need the client’s feedback? When will the finals be delivered?)
- Client responsibilities (What does the client need to give you before the project starts? i.e. signed contract, deposit, reference photos, creative brief)
- Delivery (How will the client receive the work? Digitally? PSD, JPG, PDF? Physically?)
- Number of revisions allowed (How many times will you allow the client to request changes before increasing the price? How much will the price increase with additional revisions?)
- Contingency upon payment clause (Be sure to say that the client will have no right to use the illustration until payment is received in full)
- Kill Fee (In case the project is cancelled after you've already started working on it)

PART 2: Invoices
- Amount due
- Due date (generally 30-45 days after the date of the invoice)
- Amount they’ve paid you already
- Description of what client is paying for
- Directions on how to pay you (Check? Paypal?)
- An invoice number (I use a formula of year+number of the invoice. So for my 35th invoice for 2015 was 201535. This helps with organization, and with sending follow up/reminder emails)

Thanks for watching!

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