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Concavity, Inflection Points, Increasing Decreasing, First & Second Derivative - Calculus

This calculus video tutorial shows you how to find the intervals where the function is increasing and decreasing, the critical points or critical numbers, relative extrema such as local minimum and local maximum values using the first derivative test, concavity, and inflection points using the second derivative. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems for you to work on.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. Increasing and Decreasing Intervals of a Function - Interval Notation
2. First Derivative Test - Local Extrema - Relative Min and Max Using Sign Chart on a Number Line
3. First Derivative is Positive When the Function Is increasing. Slope is negative when the function is decreasing
4. Critical points - f'(c)=0 or does not exist
5. How to find the critical numbers of a function
6. Finding the Second Derivative of a Function
7. How to find the intervals when the function is concave up and concave down
8. How to determine the points of inflection using the second derivative
9. Inflection Point occur when Concavity changes sign
10. Graphical Examples of Increasing and Decreasing Functions
11. Shape of Curve / Graph - Concave Up & Concave down
12. First and Second Derivative Techniques - Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule and Chain Rule

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