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YouTube Stars Who Ruined Their Career With A Single Video

If you’re making a career out of being a YouTuber, it takes a lot of work to get a new video on your channel. You have to come up with a fresh and fun idea, plan out the recording, actually record it, edit it, and finally upload it. Somewhere in that process, these YouTubers should have realized their videos were not going to go over well. These viral stars managed to ruin their careers with a single video, and we have to wonder why they didn’t ask for a second opinion before uploading it for millions to see. From the pranks that went too far to the outright bullying, here are some YouTube stars who ruined their careers with a single video.

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Sick stunts | 0:00
A racist tour of London | 1:23
The downfall of Logan Paul | 2:05
Dear Nicole Arbour… | 2:47
Nerf battle lockout | 3:29
Crazy like a vegan fox | 4:16

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