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The Best Way To Complain When You’re Not Happy

If you find yourself, or your friends complaining often… watch this! XO

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To Read:
As human beings, it’s almost second nature for us to complain about things, about people and about life. The question is, what are we doing to change what we’re complaining about?

The best way to complain about rude people, is to be a thoughtful and kind person.

The best way to complain about customer service, is to think of strategies on how to change the service industry positively.

The best way to complain about bad management, is to start your own business and build a great culture.

When we see that something isn’t right in the world, it’s easy for us to jump right in to criticise and complain, yet we’re just adding more problems into what is already a problem.

Usually, we feel justified complaining because we think we right. Yet how are we actually right if we’re just adding more noise and negativity to the world when we’re complaining?

This isn’t to say that we should be okay with everything, because there are indeed terrible products, services and systems in this world.

Complaining isn’t bad at all, it’s complaining all the time abut the same thing that makes us deeply negative and unproductive.

When we find ourselves complaining, we can use our dissatisfaction to serve as a seed to create change.

In a huge way, being annoyed at something is how innovation starts.

We find the current system or current product inferior, which prompts us to brainstorm on how to create something that is better, that provides more value.

When we don’t like something, we can always choose what kind of person we want to be. A complainer, or a problem-solver. Always choose the path that leads you to more positivity, innovation and excitement. And of course, the path that helps you be happy, always!

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