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A basic introduction to the TYPO3 content management system (CMS) backend

In this short video i will offering a brief introduction to the backend of typo3. Before I continue it is worth noting that typo3 is divided into 2 areas, the back end of the website where you are able to edit content and the front end of the website which is what all of your users will see when visiting your site.

in order to access the backend of the website you must have a username and password which will have been provided to you by your site administrator. Only you and you content contributors are able to access the back end of the website.

Once logged into the backend you can see that the screen is divided into three clear columns. The left hand column is the modules panel. This panel lists all of the CMS's modules which are used for managing different tasks on the website.

The central column is the page tree panel. This panel displays a hierarchical tree structure of the website. The page tree panel is where you manage the pages within the website. Each item within the page tree being a page.

The right hand column is the editing panel. The editing panel is where you will edit content and settings. This panel will update depending on which module you have selected from the left hand column and depending on which page you have selected page tree (central column).

see full transcript - https://www.liquidlight.co.uk/blog/article/a-basic-introduction-to-the-typo3-content-management-system-cms-backend/

I hope you have found this guide to be helpful and please feel free to comment if you would like tutorials for other aspects of TYPO3 content management.

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