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OnePlus 7 FIRST LOOK | OnePlus 7 Price, Specifications, Release Date in INDIA

OnePlus 7 is slated to launch next year around May or June but we might have already got the first glimpse of the handset in a leaked photo. A leaked photo is doing rounds on the Internet that shows OnePlus CEO Pete Lau attending a briefing probably internal where the presentation slide shows a phone that might be giving us our first look at the OnePlus 7. It's worth noting that OnePlus has also confirmed plans about its first 5G phone that's set to launch next year and the leaked photo might be just showing that.

Talking about the unnamed OnePlus smartphone visible in the leaked slide, the smartphone is visible with a complete design overhaul. There's a circular camera housing at the back which shows dual camera setup alongside LED housing. The fingerprint scanner is expected to be in-display on it as well.

The leaked image has been posted by phone tipster Ishan Agarwal on Twitter who wrote on Twitter, "Here's your first look at an upcoming OnePlus Device I don't know much about. This image shows the device in the prototype/designing stage and it is not final but this is probably how the device may end up looking. That's Pete (CEO of OP) in the image and the device itself."

‏The rumour mill says that OnePlus could launch the OnePlus 5G smartphone ahead of the OnePlus 7. With the new 5G smartphone, the Chinese company may target a different price category considering the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T have been doing really well in several markets including India.

We request readers to take this news piece with a grain of salt as the phone still looks in a very initial stage and the phone being shown in the internal company presentation slide might just be a prototype product.

OnePlus has been a market disrupter when it comes to breaking into the premium price smartphone segment and has been the taking market share of companies like Apple and Samsung that have been around for a long time. The last IDC report revealed that OnePlus again beat Apple and Samsung to lead in the premium smartphone segment with a market share of 37 per cent.

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