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Funk St. Workshop - Git On Up [700 West] 1975 Deep Funk 45

Funk St. Workshop - Git On Up
700 West Music # 751005, released in 1975.
Killer deep funk 45 rarity with awesome sweet soul ballad on the flip. Both Sides Written By Tony Bingham & Gary Trife. I never seen other 45's from "Funk street workshop" - possibly it's their only release. Little known and scarce dancer from my playbox. Vinyl rip from my personal record collection.

Song lyrics excerpt:
If you can dig this groove
The music makes you move
Heeey git on up, get up, get up now
Funk street is out of sight
We'll make you dance all night
Heeey git on up, get up, get up now
If you can really dance
Here is your only chance....

Hear sweet soul a-side "Funk St. Workshop - Girl, I Know What You Thinkin' ":

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