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Situation of Sexual harassment in India | Problems and Solution related to it.

In India, the cases of Sexual Harassment are increasing day by day but no one is talking about it. But there are also many people who are not speaking about it and still suffering from it. In this video, we talk about the problems and the solutions related to sexual harassment. People need to understand we have to speak up against the people who sexually harassed others them only this will stop.

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About me:
Hello, I am Rachna Daryani, a clinical hypnotherapist/ counsellor, master life coach, psychotherapist, DBT & CBT life coach.

I do online counselling for emotional issues - Personal or professional. I do pro-Bono work to help out ones who cannot afford counselling fees. I also conduct Psychoeducational plus support groups online, to build a better community.

The video is edited by:
Mridu Pawan Gautam - https://www.instagram.com/mridupawangautamm/
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