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Understanding Debt vs Equity Financing (Part 4)

Your small business is poised for major growth — but how will you get there? In part 4 of this 50-minute class, Bond Street CEO David Haber explains the differences between debt financing and equity financing, which of the two types you qualify for, and how to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Are you a design studio looking to move into a bigger space? A freelancer with an LLC planning to hire a second employee? A coffee shop opening a new location? A production company investing in new equipment? From knowing what your loan options are, to what you need for the application, and the "magic number" you should keep in mind to ensure success, David draws on his experience as both a lender and a venture capitalist to lay out the financing process in simple, clear terms.

This class is meant for small business owners in all fields who are looking to dream big and take their companies to the next level. No prior financial knowledge is necessary — all you need is the passion that got you into this business in the first place, and the desire to invest in your own growth.

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