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Hey everyone!! So today i have a MTG TOP 10 list for you! I wanted to a Dominaria TOP 10 list but not until i had a chance to play with a lot of the set so here it is! Some cards can always look good very early on in a new set but when you get to test them out that's when you find out if they're really good unless they're blatantly obvious lol!! I would love it if you'd all put your TOP 10 Dominaria cards in the comments to see if we agree or disagree on my choices i'm sure we'll all have different ones we like. Dominaria is certainly a fun set to play and brew around so also let me know which cards you would like me to build around?

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TOTALmtg Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/totalmtg

My Sponsors over on Twitch are Manatraders and they give me the opportunity to play any deck i so desire and for you guys and gals they give me a sweet discount code that if you love playing mtgo you should all go and check out :

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My most recent video is some paper magic gameplay with my friend Mark from LifeBeginsAt20 as we put two of the challenger decks through their paces!

Here's a playlist of some of my favourite videos on the channel, check them out :

Pretty much all the deck techs i've done on the channel from when the channel started, if you want to see some of my brews this is the playlist for you :

The gameplay playlist featuring all types of decks and formats, old and new but all fun to watch :

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