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How To FARM EVERYTHING New In 1.17! 37+ Farms! Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update, Bedrock Edition

The 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update is here for Minecraft! 37+ new things are farmable and renewable in 1.17! Today I show you how to farm every single one of them in Minecraft Bedrock Edition! The cave update adds a large variety things of thing farm! New passive mob farms, block farms, and tons of plant farms too! Lots of things in 1.17 are tedious to farm, and thats by design, its unlike any update we've seen before. Dedicated large scale tutorials will be releasing soon, so stay tuned! If you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing or leaving a like! Its the best way to support the channel:)

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*UPDATE: The latest betas have added candles! (crafted with honey comb and string) and also made axolotls only spawn in complete darkness:)*
Also, dirt is farmable via rooted dirt too. But its dirt, so not really worth mentioning haha

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How To Get EVERY NEW 1.17 Block Item & Mob In Survival Mode! Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update

Minecraft Bedrock Tutorials! Full playlist! http://bit.ly/2XQz5sE

0:00 Overview & everything thats farmable!
1:43 Axolotl & Glow squid Farm
3:37 Goat Farm
4:31 Copper Farm (not worth it)
5:59 Smooth Basalt Farm
6:22 Amethyst Geode Farm
8:51 Moss Farm
9:51 Azalea Tree Farm
10:45 Pointed Dripstone/Lava Farm
13:42 Hanging Roots Farm
14:38 Glow Lichen Farm
15:47 Glow Berry Farm
17:34 Powder Snow Farm
18:24 Dripleaf Farm

A proper axolotl, glow squid, geode, azalea tree, dripstone, and moss farm will be releasing on the channel soon!:)

Moss doesn't break off when pushed by a piston

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Music by Argofox: http://bit.ly/2vsxAF1

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