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25 Painful Bites and Stings You Might Not Be Able To Handle

There are many creatures in the animal kingdom that are venomous, but not all venom is created equal. Some stings and bites may feel like simple irritants, inconsequential, you would barely even feel them. On the other hand, there are bites and stings that can induce mind numbing and potentially incapacitating pain that is so painful, most people lack an adequate way of describing the experience. The good news is, for the most part, the bites on this list are not normally fatal (even though though the pain may feel like it's fatal). Nevertheless, some of these creatures can attack in masses and as such potentially kill their victim. If you are out and about and you come into contact with one of these creatures, your best bet is to leave them alone. Seriously! Run! Flee! Stay as far as you can, because these stings are what your worst nightmares are made of. Just to give you an idea, some of these bites and stings have been described as bullet wounds, hot screwdrivers being drilled into a person's leg, and a host of other similar disturbing sensations. So familiarize yourself with these critters (and avoid them)!
These are 25 Painful Bites and Stings You Might Not Be Able To Handle.

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Brazilian Wandering Spider
Candiru Fish
Arizona Bark Scorpion
The Viper
Black Widow
Sweat Bee
Bullhorn Acacia Ant
Bald-faced Hornet
Common Honeybee
Amazon Giant Centipede
Fire Ant
German Yellow Jacket
Hobo Spider
Golden Poison Dart Frog
Yak-Killer Hornet
European Hornet
Box Jellyfish
Paper Wasp
Red Harvester Ant
Gila Monster
Tarantula Hawk Wasp
Bullet Ant

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