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Daft Punk - Beyond (Official Audio)

Official audio for “Beyond” by Daft Punk

Homework: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/Homework
Discovery: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/Discovery
Alive 1997: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/Alive1997
Daft Club: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/DaftClub
Human After All: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/HumanAfterAll
Human After All (Remixes): https://daftpunk.lnk.to/HumanAfterAllRemixes
Alive 2007: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/Alive2007

Watch more videos of Daft Punk: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/listenY
Listen to Daft Punk’s Essentials here: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/essentials

Official website: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/followW
Instagram: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/followI
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YouTube: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/subscribeonY
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Amazon Music: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/followonAM
Deezer: https://daftpunk.lnk.to/deezer

Dream beyond dreams
Beyond life
You will find your song
Before sound
To be found
Close your eyes and rise
Higher still
Endless thrill
To the land of love
Beyond love
Come alive
Angel eye
Forever watching you and I

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