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Quickdraws - Wire Gate vs Solid, Long vs Short, Skinny vs Thick, Gate Flutter | Ep.4

Detailed Class on Quickdraws. Learn how to Choose & Use Quickdraws for different styles of Climbing. When & why you want longer / extended quickdraws? And safety factors every Climber needs to know.

00:00 Intro
01:12 Can you use a Carabiner instead of a Quickdraw?
03:36 Rubber Keeper
05:42 Dogbones - Skinny vs Thick
06:32 Dogbones - Why do you need Long Quickdraws?
08:24 Dogbones - Proper way to Extend Quickdraws
11:11 Panic Quickdraw - Worth for short People?
13:02 Carabiners - Wire Gate vs Solid
14:01 Gate Flutter - Is it Dangerous?
15:59 Which Quickdraws are affected more by the Wind?

🧾 Choosing Quickdraws:

For light weight situations thin sling & smaller carabiners:
Mammut Sender Keylock 12cm or 17cm - https://bit.ly/3srZH3J

For hard Projecting for pulling / clipping comfort:
Mammut Workhorse Keylock 17cm - https://bit.ly/3iWIa0B

For most sport Climbing Routes having ~15 Quickdraws should be enough.

* Above links might be affiliate and give me small benefit.

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