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TRAITORS IN POWDERED WIGS - Supreme Court's Message

Honore de Balzac:
"Laws are like spiders webs; they catch the small flies but allow the large ones to pass right through!"

75%, you got it, 75% of the MP's in Westminster are Europhiles.
Europhile is a euphemism for traitor.
Want to know what a traitor looks like?
This is a Demonocrat - The Supreme Court supports him and his agenda and all the other Demonocrats who have infected the world body politic.
WATCH JUST WATCH! https://twitter.com/kbq225/status/1155140942090899462
The MP's are vested bought and paid for interests of Brussels.
The Brussels Gravy Train keeps them well oiled and well heeled.

If you are a ReMainer then you are truly fucked 3 ways:
Firstly, as you cannot see what is being perpetrated upon your opposition, the leavers, it opens you up to being stuffed the next time when the show may be on the other foot. By that I mean what if it was the Leavers who were demanding now ANOTHER vote to override an initial REMAIN referendum vote?

Secondly, you fail to see the danger of the game of supporting a runaway Globalist Agenda to bring about the New World Order and this club, their CLUB, is a club they will be beating you over the head with - not offering you a membership to.

Thirdly, you are a pawn of the Neo/Morpheous Matrix film descriptor, in that you are an enemy of the people until you are unplugged.

Educate yourself immediately!

You have been had

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