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BEST FREE Fonts to Use for YOUTUBE Thumbnails/Banners/Logos & More! (2016/2017)

Here are the BEST FREE fonts to use for your work, whether it it's for thumbnails, logos, banners, posters, or even school work! The top 10 include, thin, bold, stroke, brush and more kind of fonts you may enjoy :)

This will definitely help any graphic designers or YouTube channels looking for any free to use fonts for their work!

VisualArts: https://youtube.com/VisualJD
Graphics Pack: http://bit.ly/2bySLf8
NEW 10 FREE Fonts (2020): https://youtu.be/uGTt-NqIUfA

Links to fonts mentioned:
10 - American Captain: http://bit.ly/1d4yANX
9 - Bebas: http://bit.ly/NmrkpY
8 - LeviBrush: http://bit.ly/RoDEbs
7 - IDroid: http://bit.ly/2aAsbCb
6 - Master Of Break: http://bit.ly/2vtmsXJ
5 - Nexa: http://bit.ly/1QAYnVv
4 - DK Sensory Overload: http://bit.ly/2aDVl3E
3 - Long Shot Regular: http://bit.ly/1TY7IX8
2 - Gotham: http://bit.ly/2b19jf8
1 - ElementalEnd: http://bit.ly/2aAsexK

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