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SWR testing 1:1 common mode choke balun design from TRX Bench

Testing SWR on a 1:1 balun common mode choke found on TRX Bench channel. Please see the link below to review his excellent work.

I cannot test common mode attenuation since I do not have the right equipement at this time. The only thing I can test for the moment is the SWR across all HF amateur bands using a dummy load and my radio. I think that it will prove that impedance seems to stay stable across the bands even though the wire specification is unknown.

I have a follow up video on testing the attenuation performance of this balun choke using a nanovna here : https://youtu.be/k2DAyvciyow

Please visit TRX Bench videos about the BalUn subject.
Video 101 Balun PART 2: Balun's magic and how to wind an effective working Balun (that is the particular video where I took the information to build mine)

Video 100 Balun PART 1: Broadcast Interference, Common Mode Current and Balun's magic

Video 105 Balun PART 3: How to build an effective working 4:1 Balun for 800 watt HF power

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