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A Symphony to the Void - Kim Carlsson briefly on Veganism and Yoga for Animals

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A brief introduction to the workshops Yoga for Animals which you can find locations and further information about here. If you are interested in knowing more about Yoga for Animals follow the page on Facebook which gets updated about new workshops and what restaurants, Yoga Studios and shelters for animals that are involved in each workshop. If you have questions or want to know more about my experience in restaurants and events or about veganism, diet approach and more, that is something I'm going to discuss further more in-depth both by myself and with like-minded or different minded friends in future videos too! Thanks to all for watching and please subscribe and share to enable us making more content more frequently.

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Yoga for Animals is an idea born in Mexico that wants to become a movement around the world.
This project consists in created events combining a theoretical - practical about Yoga and Veganism addressing it from the ethic principle of Ahimsa or Non Violence.  This workshop includes a vegan brunch. And the earnings will be donated to a shelter or an animal protection organization.

So this events have 3 elemental parts to works. A vegan yoga instructor, a vegan restaurant and a shelter or organization.

The idea is to make Karma Yoga or/and Activism to benefit the animals, attracting people to Yoga, Veganism, a Donation Culture and Activism all in one, while the Instructors, Restaurants and Organization will receive promotion for what they do, creating a bigger community committed with animals that help and promote each other.


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