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Dusk - (We're) Workin' Together [Fubar] Obscure Sweet Funky Soul 45

Dusk - (We're) Workin' Together
Fubar FYDAQ Records # 45-1001.
Extremely rare and obscure sweet funky soul 45. Killer unknown doublesider! It was produced by Gary Buckley. Besides it, i don't know nothing about this cute little record. Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45s record collection.

I can tell somethings bothering you,
I can see it in your eyes.
Won't you tell me what's on your mind?
Maybe we can make it right?
Go make the wrong being right,
We'll even make the darkness light.
Everythings gonna be better
And we'll do it all together... (song lyrics excerpt)

Hear funky flipside "Dusk - My Only Love":

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