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Popee The Performer - The Complete Second Season (14-26) (HD)

Episode List:

Opening Theme (0:00)
Episode 14 - Great Magic (0:30)
Episode 15 - Mirage (4:34)
Episode 16 - Stop The Gun (8:40)
Episode 17 - Poison (12:44)
Episode 18 - Elephant (16:49)
Episode 19 - Dream (20:54)
Episode 20 - Hypnotism (24:59)
Episode 21 - Super Strength (29:05)
Episode 22 - Prediction (33:09)
Episode 23 - Ghost (37:15)
Episode 24 - Medicine (41:20)
Episode 25 - Samurai (45:25)
Episode 26 - Monocycle (49:30)
Ending Credits (53:31)

Popee The Performer (ポピーザぱフォーマー) is a series of 3DCG shorts produced for Kids Station, one of the all-anime satellite stations in Japan. The show was produced by Zuiyo Co Ltd, and created by husband-wife team Ryuji Masuda (writer) and Wakako Masuda (art director, art design, and character designer). The music was composed by Osamu Tezuka, and the vocals within the main theme and OST belong to Aoyogi Tsuneo. The series is known for it's black comedy, dark and disturbing themes, morbid imagery, bizarre and surreal storylines, and overall creepy tone. The series has 39 episodes split equally among 3 seasons. There is also a manga drawn by Wakako Masuda

The show follows Popee, an apprentice clown, and his assistant, Kedamono, as they attempt various circus acts and go about their daily lives as performers. Things have a way of going wrong, however, usually due to Popee. Their mentor and Popee's father Papi, is no help to the bizarre scenarios the characters end up in.

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