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5 Tips to Attract the Relationship You Desire + BONUS Workbook

Do you feel like you're constantly failing at relationships? This video will teach you 5 TIPS TO ATTRACT THE RELATIONSHIP YOU DESIRE.

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5 Tips to Attract the Relationship You Desire

Do you feel like you're constantly failing at relationships?

This is a common struggle among my coaching clients and was my own reason for stepping onto the path of personal growth and development. Unfortunately, we aren't directly taught any relationship skills in school - there aren't any required courses - so we figure out how to do relationship from the people around us.
Sometimes this really helps and sometimes it really causes us to have relationship struggles - because RELATIONSHIPS ARE A SKILL and we need to learn relationship skills in order to be good at doing them.

I struggled for years and my relationships.

I was in a 15 year marriage, and left the marriage by having an affair. Then my next relationship was challenging. I kept falling down and couldn't figure out how to do it!

Until one day, I realized that I'm the common denominator in my relationship issues. So, I took a vow and made the commitment that I was willing to do whatever it takes to learn relationship skills so I could have a long-term connected relationship. I enrolled in eCourses and I ended up taking a six month relationship course that massively transformed my life! I also accessed free resources – podcast, YouTube videos – anything I could get my hands on. In this personal development process, I learned that relationships are a skill. We can ALL learn how to do them!

And I know this is true because today I'm dear friends with my ex-husband and the person that I had broken up with, we're now in a life-long, thriving relationship. Sure, we have struggles, but figure it out through learning and growing and doing what it takes to stay connected in a long term relationship.

I want you to have this success too. I know you can do it!

Here's five key tips that will help you increase your chances of attracting a relationship you desire:

1. Make a vow that you're committed to becoming a relationship master.
Decide, commit and learn skills to become a relationship master.

2. Commit to personal growth and development.
Remember, our intimate relationships are a reflection of our relationship to ourselves. Our inner world, is a real flection of our outer world. So if you're struggling in the relationship world, look within.

If you want to attract someone who's confident, sexy, empowered, then you’ve got to become that person. Plain and simple, become the person you would want to be with!

3. Develop self-confidence to connect interdependently.
Self-confidence means you know, love and trust yourself. When you know love and trust yourself, then you can step into a new relationship authentically and be who you are instead of creating yourself through the eyes of a potential lover. In order to create a connected relationship, you've got to step in authentically and be self-confident so you can connect to another person and inter-dependently grow.


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