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How to Knit a Blanket - Step By Step

FREE Downloadable Pattern Book from Wool and the Gang: https://goo.gl/HvzFnY

We teamed up with our pals at Knit Aid to show you how to knit a basic blanket by sewing together knitted squares. This is super easy and also perfect for stash-busting and using up all those yarn leftovers.

In this tutorial we will go through how to:
Casting on: 00.48 - 02.51
How to do the basic knit stitch: 02.52 - 06.52
How to cast off: 06.53 - 09.21
Sewing your squares together: 09.22 - 11.56
Weaving in your ends: 11.57 - 12.29

The colours of Crazy Sexy Wool used in the blanket are the following: Rocky Grey, Tweed Grey, Eagle Grey, Sand Trooper Beige, Pink Lemonade, Ivory White and Purple Haze.

You can make approximately 3 squares out of each colour, the blanket in our video is 5 squares by 7 squares, for a total of 35 squares. To make a blanket this size you will need approx. 12 balls. Our squares are: 20cm x 20cm / 7.5in x 7.5in

-Crazy Sexy Wool https://goo.gl/GbrSyw
-15mm or 19 US knitting needles http://bit.ly/2xp3KCB

Find out more about the awesome work Knit Aid does over here:

Hé! Cette vidéo inclut des sous-titres en Français.
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