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Baseline - All In Vain (Official Music Video)

Song written and performed by Baseline
Recorded by Hiram Hernandez at The Earth Says Studios
Music Video by Yellowbox Films

Available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music

Merch/Tour: baselinebandaz.com
Instagram: @baselinebandaz
Twitter: @baselinebandaz


I thought of a few more things to say so I wrote them down
In the notebook that you gave me when you tried so hard to save me all in vain
Cause I was doomed before we crossed paths now I wish we never would have for your sake

Don't tell me it's okay because it doesn't feel that way
And I don't want to bother you but I think I should explain
That this is all my fault none of it should fall on you
So blame me for my shortcomings cause I sure as hell do

I'm hoping that some distance between us will make all of our problems fade
Because I am the center of your stress and I don't want you to feel that way
So if you have to love yourself before you love somebody else
I guess I should prepare myself right now to live and die alone

So what do you think now?
Am I just a letdown?

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