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A 5-Minute Japanese Massage to Tone Up Your Face Muscles

If you’re a girl, you probably have all kinds of masks, creams, and other facial care stuff that’s crowding your bathroom shelf. But did you know that you can effectively lift your face and improve your skin tone with nothing more than your own hands? The technique is called Korugi, and it’s a face massage that works wonders.

You see, with age, the fat in your face redistributes itself, accumulating in some areas more than in others. Also, your facial muscles start to sag with time. These factors contribute to changes in how your face looks when you age. What Korugi massage does is tone your facial muscles and dissipate the fat under your skin.

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❗️ Make sure your health actually allows it ❗️
Cheek lifting 1:50
Forehead slide 2:18
Cheek work 2:40
Forehead smoothing 3:09
Eye rubbing 3:33
Pulling up the lower parts 3:51
Finishing touches 4:22
What exactly Korugi massage does 4:53

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- Korugi massage was invented by a Japanese therapist Chiyo Hayashi, and it targets not just the skin itself but the layers of fat and muscle tissue beneath.
- You should first and foremost consider whether you have ENT diseases, lymphatic system disorders, chronic skin conditions, or facial wounds. If you do, then Korugi isn’t for you.
- Japanese and Korean adepts of this technique say that, if performed correctly, Korugi can even reshape your bone structure.
- First of all, while pulling and pressing on your skin like this, you make the lymphatic fluid move, which removes any signs of swelling and puffiness from your face. That includes those dark circles and bags under your eyes too!
- Good blood supply is necessary for that healthy, rose-cheeked look, and it also helps get the necessary vitamins and nutrients to your face.
- Your skin becomes more elastic as it is pulled and filled with a healthy amount of lymph and blood.
- Korugi massage helps reshape your face oval, making your features look sharper. This happens because, as you age, your skin starts sagging, making your face sort of blurred.
- Don’t be surprised if your face starts aching the day after you’ve done the massage. That’s a common reaction of your muscles that haven’t seen any exercise for a while.

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