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Velvet Touch - Eager Beaver For You [Score] 1985 Obscure Modern Soul 45

Velvet Touch - Eager Beaver For You
Score Records # 1001, released in 1985.
Obscure and outsider 80's modern soul disco dancer.
And the lyrics really rocks!))
"I'm an eager beaver for you. Eager beaver for you, and for you. Eager beaver for you. Eager beaver for you - yeah - yay-ee-yeahhhh. Let me take you higher and higher and higher. Let me take you higher and higher and higher. Yeah. I'm an eager beaver for you......
This oddball 45 were produced by Steve Weinstein and the Mike Davis Orchestra. Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45s record collection.

Hear slow modern soul stepper from b-side "Velvet Touch - Patience":

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