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Trump Loses Wisconsin to Cruz – Does this mark the end of his race to the White House?


Trump Loses Wisconsin to Cruz – Does this mark the end of his race to the White House?

Today is Wednesday 6th April 2016 and we are asking the question Does Wisconsin mark the end of Donald Trump’s race to the Whitehouse.

Donald Trump has, almost from the very beginning been the leader in the Presidential Republican Nomination Race and just over 2 weeks ago, seemed unstoppable. However, yesterday the vote in Wisconsin may have put an end to his electoral success, and here is why:

Prior to the Wisconsin vote, Donald Trump held 737 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican Presidential nomination outright, but if his opponents could keep him from that, the hope is the Republican establishment can deny him victory with a contested convention at the Republican National Convention in July.

The best chance for that to happen was for Cruz, the U.S. Senator from Texas with 475 delegates, to continue to gain on Trump’s lead.

Well yesterday, Cruz did just that. He won 33 delegates leaving Trump with just 3. This means that the delegate count now stands at:

Trump : 740
Cruz : 514
Kasich : 143

There are just 888 delegate seats still available and the candidate who wins must have at least 1237. This means that even though he is in the lead, Donald Trump must now win 56% of the available delegates. Although mathematically this is possible, in view of past performance it’s exceedingly unlikely. Now admittedly, Cruz has to win 81% of the available delegates which is certainly not going to happen.

April 5th may indeed go down in History as the day Donald Trump lost the Republican Party nomination. What do you think?

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