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Techniques to help develop balance in the rowing boat

Join 7000+ rowers and get 12 beginner rowing videos, 9 advanced rowing videos, 2 training programs and one training piece.


12 beginner videos:
The 5 Minute Beginner Rowing Course - 6:16 mins
How to row on a rowing machine - 6:00 mins
The importance of the Ergo before the Boat - 8:53 mins
Sculling Balance Exercises - Video 9:55
The correct posture for rowing and common problems - 1:32 mins
Safety on the Water - The Fundamentals - 5:33 mins
How to Feather Correctly - 1:46 mins
Using the Pelvis at Rockover - 1:19 mins
How to use the elbow at the finish to get maximum power - 0:54 mins
Pauses and why you should do them with wobble and flexibility - 5:55 mins
Moving the boat with posture and control, NOT STRENGTH - 5:42 mins
Hamstring Flexibility - How to fix it in two weeks! - 3:05 mins

9 Advanced Rowing videos:
How to avoid slowing the boat at the catch - 10:02 mins
How to avoid using the arms at the catch - 8:03 mins
Learning to relax while rowing - 3:49 mins
Lightweight vs Heavyweight, Who Is Fastest? - 4:07 mins
Relaxation and Rhythm Part 1 - 5:19 mins
Relaxation and Rhythm Part 2 - 3:46 mins
The importance of a program and defined sessions - 11:23 mins
Rowing Stretches - 6:39 mins
Rowing Warm up Exercises and Full Warm up - 9:15 mins

2 Training programs and 1 Training piece

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